B Ü C H E R                A U T O R E N                V E R L A G               

Heidelbergensia – Bücher aus und über Heidelberg

Petra Nemethova, Elisa Guidotti (eds.)

Room 333
Stories and Poems from the Creative Writing Group of the University of Heidelberg

2019, kt., 121 S., 8,00 € [D], ISBN 978-3-86809-153-3

Student's price 5,00 €


Reading the first words of a short story or poem is like unlocking the door
to a mysterious room: before it opens, you have no idea what you’re getting into.
From the timeless Once upon a time, to the cryptic We don’t have to do this,
to the suspenseful They were waiting for dawn, the twenty-two “doors” in this
collection will lead you to just as many different worlds, with no hint as to what
to expect.


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